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FirstPrinciples Talent Services is dedicated to helping businesses pinpoint and engage the right candidates for their particular requirements. In this case study, we reveal our triumph in assisting to identify and assimilate an essential Sr. Full Stack Developer for their solution during a time of critical need.



Omni.US was in search of a Sr. Full Stack Developer with a strong background in software development and expertise in both frontend and backend technologies. The ideal candidate would possess a minimum of X years of experience in software development and have experience with Martech software.

The company also desired a professional with startup experience to navigate the unique challenges associated with a young organization. Furthermore, specifically looked for candidates with a research-oriented and detail-oriented mindset to ensure thorough analysis and optimization of their email marketing tool.

Impact of the Hire

The senior leader hire at has had a transformative impact on the organization. With their expertise in architecture, high-level designing, and strong coding concepts, they have effectively addressed technical issues, optimized workflows, and enhanced the overall performance of the email marketing tool. The streamlined processes and solid foundation established by the senior leader have resulted in improved efficiency and productivity within the team. Their leadership skills have driven collaboration, motivation, and skill development among team members, fostering a culture of growth and success.

Furthermore, the senior leader’s startup experience has proven invaluable in navigating the unique challenges faced by as a young company. Their research-oriented and detail-oriented approach has ensured thorough analysis and optimization of the email marketing tool, resulting in enhanced functionality and performance. Overall, the senior leader’s presence has enabled to build a capable team, enhance their competitive advantage, and achieve their growth objectives.

Our Suggestion

To identify the ideal candidate for, we recommended conducting an external interview round specifically targeting developers with 12+ years of experience. Our emphasis was on candidates with expertise in the MERN stack, particularly in the backend. 

We also emphasized the importance of architectural understanding, as well as past project experience that involved challenging authority and defining roles, preferably in a leadership capacity. This approach ensured that would secure a senior leader who possessed the necessary technical expertise, leadership skills, and startup experience to successfully address their challenges and contribute to the company’s growth.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process involved the following steps:

  • Initial screening to assess the candidate’s skills and experience.
  • Culture Index survey to map out congruency between the expectations of the company team and prospective candidates.
  • Engineering leaders at FPT and our holding companies conducted 2 rounds of technical interviews to evaluate the candidate’s technical skills in project management.
  • Our HR team conducted a cultural fit interview to assess the candidate’s fit with the client’s company culture.
  • Reference checks to verify the candidate’s experience and skills.
  • We sent interview recordings to the hiring managers of our clients.

Technical Interviews / Panel

The technical interviews at were conducted in a panel format to assess the candidates’ suitability for the senior leader role. The panel consisted of experienced professionals with expertise in relevant technologies and industry practices.

The first technical round focused on in-depth technical aspects, evaluating candidates’ proficiency in architecture, high-level designing, and strong coding concepts. This round aimed to gauge the candidates’ depth of technical knowledge and their ability to apply it effectively in practical scenarios.

The subsequent round emphasized coding-related problem-solving. Candidates were presented with complex coding challenges to assess their problem-solving skills, algorithmic thinking, and ability to write efficient and scalable code. This round provided an opportunity for the panel to evaluate candidates’ practical coding abilities and their approach to addressing challenging problems.

By conducting these comprehensive technical interviews, ensured that the selected senior leader would possess the necessary technical expertise and problem-solving skills required to overcome the company’s challenges and make valuable contributions to its growth.


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