Case Study


FirstPrinciples Talent Services is dedicated to helping businesses pinpoint and engage the right candidates for their particular requirements. In this case study, we reveal our triumph in assisting a prominent client within the construction field to identify and assimilate an essential Principle Engineer for their solution during a time of critical need.


SponsorCloud was in search of a Principal Engineer with a strong background in software architecture, a proven track record of scaling systems, and experience in leading and building teams from scratch. The ideal candidate would possess a minimum of 15 years of experience in software development and have experience with investment management software.

Problem Statement

SponsorCloud faced several challenges that necessitated the hiring of a senior resource. Their team primarily comprised young and mid-level developers, and they lacked a senior resource who could take responsibility for driving critical decisions and providing architectural guidance. Additionally, they were encountering scaling issues that hindered the smooth functioning of their platform. The resolution of technical issues was time-consuming, and they needed someone with the expertise to streamline this process. Lastly, they required someone who could build and manage teams from scratch, as they anticipated future growth.

Impact of the Hire

The onboarding of the Principal Engineer had a profound impact on SponsorCloud’s software development processes and the overall structure of their team. By bringing in a senior resource with extensive experience and expertise, SponsorCloud became less reliant on external consultants for technical recruitment and for ensuring the smooth operation of the entire architecture flow. This not only led to significant monetary benefits for the company but also fostered a more self-sufficient and streamlined internal development process.

With the Principal Engineer on board, SponsorCloud experienced a noticeable improvement in the resolution of technical issues, the scalability of their platform, and the overall efficiency of their development process. The new hire’s leadership and team-building capabilities laid the groundwork for SponsorCloud’s future growth, enabling them to build and manage new teams as the company expanded. The positive impact of hiring the right Principal Engineer reaffirmed the value of our collaborative approach and focused hiring process in helping SponsorCloud overcome their challenges and set them on a path to continued success.

Our Suggestion

Initially, SponsorCloud was considering hiring 2-3 mid-level engineers to address their challenges. However, we suggested that they hire a Principal Engineer instead. This approach would provide them with a more experienced professional who could not only tackle the technical challenges they were facing but also lead and manage the team effectively. By hiring a Principal Engineer, SponsorCloud was able to save substantial expenses in the long run, as they no longer needed to invest in multiple hires.

We also collaborated with SponsorCloud’s team to craft a comprehensive job description that emphasized the required skills and experience, rather than focusing solely on investment management software experience. This approach ensured that the selected candidate would bring the desired value to SponsorCloud, addressing their unique set of challenges and helping them optimize their development process.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process involved the following steps:

  • Initial screening to assess the candidate’s skills and experience.
  • Culture Index survey to map out congruency between the expectations of the company team and prospective candidates.
  • Product leaders at FPT conducted 4 rounds of technical interviews to evaluate the candidate’s technical skills in project management.
  • Our HR team conducted a cultural fit interview to assess the candidate’s fit with the client’s company culture.
  • SWOT analysis to evaluate the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Reference checks to verify the candidate’s experience and skills.
  • We sent interview recordings to the hiring managers of our clients.

Technical Interviews / Panel

The technical interview involved a panel of experts who evaluated the candidate’s technical skills in project management. The candidate was interviewed by a Chief Product Officer (Engineering Leader) to ensure the candidate is meeting culture, project, company, and leadership fitments.

It consisted of project managers from the client’s development team as well as product owners and managers from FirstPrinciples Talent. The interview covered a range of topics, including project planning, risk management, stakeholder management, and team management.


After an exhaustive search and thorough evaluation process, we successfully onboarded a Principal Engineer with the required skills and experience. The new hire’s presence had an immediate impact on SponsorCloud’s development processes, resulting in faster resolution of technical issues, smoother scaling of their platform, and strengthened team dynamics.

The Principal Engineer’s leadership and team-building expertise laid the groundwork for SponsorCloud’s future growth, with new teams being established under their guidance. In conclusion, our collaborative approach and focused hiring process proved instrumental in helping SponsorCloud overcome their challenges and set them on a path to continued success.

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